"Thanks for the awesome experience!"

- Crystal C.
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We recognize that this is an exciting time and we want this to be the best possible experience for both you and your family. To do that we ask that you review the following:
  • The rooms are comfortable and spacious enough for the expectant mother and up to four guests. Please consider this when inviting family and friends to your session.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow us to easily perform the ultrasound.
  • You know your baby best. We encourage you to pay attention to how your baby responds to sounds, foods/fluids, and your movements as these may help us in obtaining the best images. Please feel free to bring a snack, drink, and/or a compact disc with music of your choice to be played at a moderate level.
  • Unlike some medical ultrasound procedures, you will not need to have a full bladder during your session.
  • Please feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns you might have. Our contact information can be found in the "When and Where" section of this site.

The images we obtain are dependent on a number of factors such as:
  • Clarity of the amniotic fluid: Keeping yourself well hydrated throughout your pregnancy can contribute to a clearer image of your baby as it has an impact on the clarity of the amniotic fluid.
  • Position of your baby and the placenta: The images we capture are mostly determined by your babyís position. Since you know your baby best, pay close attention throughout your pregnancy and be aware of what can impact your babyís movements, such a food, drink, your own movements or activities. It is natural for babies to have their hands near their faces or to curl up to the placenta or uterus. In these cases we will do our best to obtain great profile images. And donít be concerned if your baby is hiding out entirely. We will be happy to rebook.
  • Gestational age: The best time in the pregnancy to get quality images of your baby is between the 28th and 32nd weeks. However, this does not mean we cannot get great pictures before or after those times. You can make an appointment with us at any time after 21 weeks.
  • Heavier women: Heavier women are encouraged to book their appointment at a later gestational age preferably around 30-33 weeks and a full bladder is recommended.

You will need extra time at your session if you are pregnant with multiples. Please notify us when you book that you are having multiples and will accommodate you with a longer session at no extra cost. The optimal time to perform a 3D/4D ultrasound with multiples is 26 weeks or earlier. We will try to get detailed pictures of both of the babies but one baby is usually a little shy and may hide behind the other.